EIJU 2015

It all began with the pleasure of going to nightclubs that ultimately change the
mind of Eiju Trétze to become a DJ. Since 2011, from the moment he was introduced
to EDM by his fellow clubbers, Trétze’s heart can only be soothed through the sound’s beat. The first step he does was joining the Spinach DJ Academy, the place where he began to pursue his nightlife career and learns the art of mixing by turntable and CDJ. After graduation, he manages to get on deck where his first appearance was at Bloeming, fX Senayan. Soon after that, he also performs at big clubs and followed by several
occasions of private party in Jakarta. He was also a former Resident DJ of Club
31 and have been performing with Bobby Suryadi, Winky Wiryawan, Princess Joana and many other big names. Entertaining partygoers with zealous interaction and power-house mixes.
Sensing the need to be furtherly known by the night community, he continues to
participate in any DJ-ing events and recently a Finalist of Dance Signal